Crosstown Park Pre-Launch Party @ Palrenellas 11-07-2013

Crosstown Park Launch Party @ Debra Hayes 09-26-2013



Today is the Book Launch Party for Crosstown Park at Patrenella’s Corleone Room, a beautiful place that I love so much.  So many friends and readers will be there to celebrate the book with me.  I woke up with the joy of a child today and remembered some things I want to share…

What a journey it has been from the beginning to the publication of CROSSTOWN PARK, from the signing with the publisher to the release of the book, and now from the release until today.

As I look back it all makes sense.  That is the beauty of hindsight.  The main thing I come away with is that I am so glad that I did not give up!

Persistence is the key to my success.  Working steadily and surely and never giving up on the goal.  Some people are able to race to their goals and focus on them completely, but my life has been different.


For me, that drive to be an author has been there my whole life.  One of my first vivid memories is of my grandmother, “Honey,” reading to me.  I remember the Brer Rabbit books…anyone else remember those?  We would lay in my grandmother’s guest room feather bed-it was so soft and comfortable- and I felt so loved as she read to me.

WHO READS TO YOUR KIDS?  DO YOU TAKE THE TIME TO READ TO THEM EVERY NIGHT?  Instilling that love of books in me is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.  I will dedicate ALL ONE BLOOD,  the sequel to CROSSTOWN PARK to “HONEY” for that gift.

THE DAY FINALLY CAME when I was able to take over the reading duties at night.  I could finally read most of the words myself and Honey was there to help me catch a word.  That was pure joy.  The journey I am on today began with the love of a woman who loved books.  HAVING SOMEONE IN MY LIFE THAT LOVED ME ENOUGH TO SHARE BOOKS WITH ME WAS THE GREATEST GIFT.  Please share your thoughts with me.  Who influenced you in the most positive way as a child?  


2013-10-10 17.51.18BY THE BOOK CROSSTOWN PARK booksignings this weekend-one at the Barnes & Noble in Beaumont at Parkdale Mall and tomorrow I will be at the Texas Book Festival in Austin at the Mystery Writers table-come see me! I cannot tell you the exhilarating feeling it is to be getting to do these events. And next weekend, the one weekend I thought was a downtime weekend, am getting to join my fellow Houston Writers Guild Pamela Huthins and other Houston Writers Guild authors at an amazing event in Houston called the BookRave! For all of you who want to write your book, all of the hard work, all of the hours of toil are worthwhile! So define your dreams, determine your destiny and you will be able to see them fulfilled. Am enjoying the ride! Joy. Pure joy and love for my readers. Have a blessed day my friends! With love, Melanie


Stack of Old BooksBY THE BOOK! How do you like the name of my new author blog? I decided to move Living Room Lawyer to my website and there will be lots of neat posts there too. By the Book still has a bit of a lawyer flavor. I will always have the law as my prism. My point of view will always hinge on an analytical framework. On this site I want to share about being an author, writing, and all the things I love so much. I am starting some novel structure classes and events so keep in touch!

I am excited about beginning this process I have thought about for so long. Nothing like just getting in there and doing it! Taking the plunge so to speak. I am motivated though. I made a deal with my publisher that I would blog 3 times a week for the next four weeks or I would get him a gift card. Well I am on it! Nothing like a little money motivation to get going! I know that once the habit begins it will be easier and I will learn WordPress faster.

This post is short because I am running out the door to spin class! I will be back and have lots of goodies to share about the 8 events I did in the last 30 days. It lends credibility to my talks on the importance of having a marketing plan and proposal done for your book ahead of time so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Crosstown Park made it to bestseller status in the first month and there is lots of work to keep it up and to keep going. I will share my journey with you and I hope you will share yours with me. Please sign up for my newsletters and information about upcoming events. Thank you! Melanie

Living Room Lawyer

BELIEVE ROCKWhat a blessing it is to be able to do the work you love.  Do you get to do what you love?  Do you spend time in gratitude about your work and then find that more and more comes in?  I am so excited about my debut novel, Crosstown Park, coming out in October. I have been working hard all year, learning new things to get ready for this new era of my life.  Are you doing new things?  Learning new skills?  Feeling excited about the new world we are living in now?  I hope so because this is an era where the sky is the limit for those of us who are willing to get out there and spend the time to learn.  As I begin to post more I will do some series about these subjects.  Right now I am just getting started.  Seeing what happens when I post.  And, taking it a step at a time.  I held myself back for a long time because I thought it all had to be perfect and now I am thinking that just doing something is better than nothing!  What do you think?   I would love your comments! With honor and hope, Melanie


FREE IMAGE OF OLD BOOKSLiving Room Lawyer is launched!

I am so happy to finally be making this, my first Living Room Lawyer blog entry.  It is not happening the way I thought it would.  I have been collecting notes, making plans, doing entries in Word and in Pages getting ready for this spectaculous occasion-did I just make up a word?  Was even going to do a video-sure couldn’t now since it is midnight and I am just seeing if any of this WordPress knowledge I have is paying off and that I can actually do this.  So let me keep it brief and just know that there is only one place to go from here!  And that is up.  Am so excited about the upcoming publication of Crosstown Park and am in the process of getting my book blurbs and endorsements and it is an exciting time!  Have a blessed day!