CROSSTOWcross-town-parkN PARK is a social/legal thriller with a spiritual twist. Alex Stockton’s impulsive decision to represent Jose catapults her into an unfamiliar world and an impossible trial. Her perfect record and judicial future depend upon the outcome.

On a flight from New York to Houston, Alex Stockton, a successful young lawyer, meets Reverend Morse. He is in dire need of a lawyer to represent one of his foster home house parents, Jose. Gonzales. The Reverend believes that Jose was falsely accused of sexually molesting Chris Jackson, a teenage boy, in Crosstown Park. He convinces Alex that Chris Jackson made the allegation against the Reverend for disrupting his illegal drug and prostitution activities. Alex’s instincts take over and her long buried memories of her foster home background surface. Before the plane lands she has taken Jose’s case pro bono. She has six weeks to discover what happened in Crosstown Park between Jose and Chris. She teams up with Nic Wright, a handsome former cop turned security company owner, to save Jose and the children at Shepherd’s Cottages. As the case progresses, Alex’s life and perfect trial record is threatened. Not to mention her lifelong dream of becoming a judge. What she really needs is a witness…


HIPAA for the General Practitioner provides specific, strategic, and practical information pertaining to what each state has done in response to the HIPAA preemption provisions. This book demystifies the 692-page HIPAA law, and explains what general practitioners need to know to help their clients. This book also includes the new changes to the HIPAA law from the Economic Stimulus Act of 2009.  For more information, and to order your copy of HIPAA for the General Practitioner, click here.

05/2009 – HIPAA for the General Practitioner
Written by Melanie Bragg and published by the American Bar Association General Practice Solo Small Firm Division.

Melanie delivers a very quick and comfortable read that offers an insider’s look at the legal system and locals tour of the back roads and complexities of society. Pages turn as the plot develops and the reader stays ever hungry for what comes next. Gripping. Inspiring. Hopeful. The kind of story that makes you want to slow down, so it won’t end. In other words, I found it to be a very easy and enjoyable read. It was fun to delve into the deepest corners of some characters lives and minds while rolling through the kind of gritty realities that simmer below the surface of society.

Dane Schiller, journalist, Houston Chronicle