2013-10-10 17.51.18BY THE BOOK CROSSTOWN PARK booksignings this weekend-one at the Barnes & Noble in Beaumont at Parkdale Mall and tomorrow I will be at the Texas Book Festival in Austin at the Mystery Writers table-come see me! I cannot tell you the exhilarating feeling it is to be getting to do these events. And next weekend, the one weekend I thought was a downtime weekend, am getting to join my fellow Houston Writers Guild Pamela Huthins and other Houston Writers Guild authors at an amazing event in Houston called the BookRave! For all of you who want to write your book, all of the hard work, all of the hours of toil are worthwhile! So define your dreams, determine your destiny and you will be able to see them fulfilled. Am enjoying the ride! Joy. Pure joy and love for my readers. Have a blessed day my friends! With love, Melanie