Stack of Old BooksBY THE BOOK! How do you like the name of my new author blog? I decided to move Living Room Lawyer to my website and there will be lots of neat posts there too. By the Book still has a bit of a lawyer flavor. I will always have the law as my prism. My point of view will always hinge on an analytical framework. On this site I want to share about being an author, writing, and all the things I love so much. I am starting some novel structure classes and events so keep in touch!

I am excited about beginning this process I have thought about for so long. Nothing like just getting in there and doing it! Taking the plunge so to speak. I am motivated though. I made a deal with my publisher that I would blog 3 times a week for the next four weeks or I would get him a gift card. Well I am on it! Nothing like a little money motivation to get going! I know that once the habit begins it will be easier and I will learn WordPress faster.

This post is short because I am running out the door to spin class! I will be back and have lots of goodies to share about the 8 events I did in the last 30 days. It lends credibility to my talks on the importance of having a marketing plan and proposal done for your book ahead of time so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Crosstown Park made it to bestseller status in the first month and there is lots of work to keep it up and to keep going. I will share my journey with you and I hope you will share yours with me. Please sign up for my newsletters and information about upcoming events. Thank you! Melanie