FREE IMAGE OF OLD BOOKSLiving Room Lawyer is launched!

I am so happy to finally be making this, my first Living Room Lawyer blog entry.  It is not happening the way I thought it would.  I have been collecting notes, making plans, doing entries in Word and in Pages getting ready for this spectaculous occasion-did I just make up a word?  Was even going to do a video-sure couldn’t now since it is midnight and I am just seeing if any of this WordPress knowledge I have is paying off and that I can actually do this.  So let me keep it brief and just know that there is only one place to go from here!  And that is up.  Am so excited about the upcoming publication of Crosstown Park and am in the process of getting my book blurbs and endorsements and it is an exciting time!  Have a blessed day!


  1. jennifer willner says:

    Happy happy joy joy! I’m looking forward to following this blog! So blessed to know you, you are an inspiration Melanie! XOXO