Living Room Lawyer

BELIEVE ROCKWhat a blessing it is to be able to do the work you love.  Do you get to do what you love?  Do you spend time in gratitude about your work and then find that more and more comes in?  I am so excited about my debut novel, Crosstown Park, coming out in October. I have been working hard all year, learning new things to get ready for this new era of my life.  Are you doing new things?  Learning new skills?  Feeling excited about the new world we are living in now?  I hope so because this is an era where the sky is the limit for those of us who are willing to get out there and spend the time to learn.  As I begin to post more I will do some series about these subjects.  Right now I am just getting started.  Seeing what happens when I post.  And, taking it a step at a time.  I held myself back for a long time because I thought it all had to be perfect and now I am thinking that just doing something is better than nothing!  What do you think?   I would love your comments! With honor and hope, Melanie