I didn’t want it to end

By Laura Atchison on AMAZON.com

I don’t get much of a chance to read fiction books these days and I am so glad I picked this one up. From the first few pages I was drawn into the characters lives. Whenever I put it down to attend to something else, I would walk back into the room where I had the book and wonder why the tv isn’t on. The images conjured up while reading this book were so vivid I felt like I was watching the story unfold on screen rather than on pages. The author’s skill at storytelling for this, her debut novel, is exceptional. If you are looking for a book that will draw you in, keep you guessing as to outcomes while at the same time making you feel connected to the characters even after the book is finished, I highly recommend you grab a copy today.

Laura Steward Atchison, #1 bestselling author and international speaker

I didn't want it to end